Is it Safe to Use Ozone CPAP Cleaners?

There are many kinds of CPAP cleaners available in the market.

One of these is the Ozone CPAP cleaner.

The big question is: Can Ozone CPAP cleaners perfectly meet your unique individual needs?

Indeed, is it safe to use Ozone CPAP cleaners like SoClean or Sleep8?

It is important to get a satisfying answer to this important question.

Let us try to find it.

What Exactly is Ozone?

Ozone is typically a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms of oxygen.

Keep in mind that the basic oxygen molecule is made of two atoms of oxygen. Of course, the oxygen that living things breathe is essential to the sustenance of life.

You can detach the third oxygen atom from the ozone molecule. You may re-attach these to other substances molecules and thus alter their chemical composition.

It makes sense that It is this ability to react with other substances that informs some CPAP device manufacturers’ claims that ozone use may be risky.

Why Should we Not Use Ozone?

Well, this is also a big question.

Yes, as a patient with the obstructive sleep apnea condition, why should you use ozone?

Or to turn the question around, why should you not use ozone?

The answer is interesting.

A number of CPAP equipment and mask manufacturers feel that it is not safe to use Ozone.

These manufacturers believe that using ozone risks damaging gaskets, and silicone seals.

Moreover, they feel that using ozone can lead to corrosion of the CPAP device’s electronics.

CARB Regulations Against Ozone

Moreover, these manufacturers kept in mind that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) had initiated strict standards aimed at regulating the use of Ozone at individual homes.

They feel that it would not be wise to encounter hidden risks with such regulatory boards. Moreover, they say it is unwise to engage in confrontations with such institutions.

It does not matter whether this is the Environmental Protection Agency, a state board or the federal authorities.

Certainly, it is always best to be on the safe side of the law.

The matter does not end there.

Questions from Physicians about Residual Ozone

The same manufacturers also noted that some pulmonary physicians had raised questions about the possibility that patients could inhale the residual ozone.

There were also some legitimate questions about the life of the CPAP devices being shortened if these equipment were continually exposed to ozone.

Also, there were questions about the possibility of patients being exposed to respiratory heath risks besides the hidden problem with the regulatory authorities.

According to these experts, these are enough reasons to avoid using ozone.

The manufacturers are convinced that although ozone is a great disinfectant, it carries unknown dangers.

They, therefore, concluded that it is not safe not to use ozone.

Are There Alternatives to Using Ozone CPAP Cleaners?


There are some great alternatives to using ozone.

One fantastic alternative is the Lumin CPAP mask cleaner. This a great alternative to using ozone.

Special Note: The Lumin CPAP mask cleaner is different from the ozone cleaner.

Yes, the Lumin CPAP mask cleaner is not ozone.

The Lumin CPAP mask cleaner is a perfect device for cleaning your CPAP mask.

It will clean your CPAP mask in a convenient and faster way compared to the competition. Moreover, this equipment is great since it allows you to forget about the harsh cleaning chemicals that are commonly used.

Well, this probably sounds like magic or a fairy tale.

Yet it is true.

How does this UV Sanitizer actually kill the bacteria and pathogens?

Uses a Powerful UV Light

The Lumin CPAP Cleaner uses a UV light to sanitize your accessories, the mask, and water chamber. Moreover, it kills 99% of pathogens, bacteria, and fungi.

Remarkably, it does this in five minutes!

The Lumin uses a powerful UV light contained inside a chamber. This kind of light is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and similar to other UV devices that are used to disinfect equipment in hospital operating rooms and ambulances.

CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes

The professionally designed CPAP Mask Wipes are an effective and convenient solution for keeping your CPAP mask clean. You can do this daily, with minimal effort.

Most CPAP mask cleaning wipes are designed using 100% cotton. They are typically fresh moist, and unscented. This is what gives them the immediate ability to deodorize, clean, and freshen your CPAP mask using just a single wipe. Moreover, most CPAP mask wipes are earth-friendly, compostable and made from 100% natural Ingredients.

You can effectively clean and deodorize CPAP masks without soaking the equipment.  Further CPAP mask cleaning swipes are typically designed with a latex-free formula, besides being alcohol-free.

If you get the CPAP mask-cleaning swipes that are 100% natural cotton, you will discover that they are earth-friendly and biodegradable products.

Notably, the best CPAP mask cleaning swipes are usually unscented.

Should You Buy a CPAP Sanitizer?

You should recognize that most available CPAP cleaners and sanitizers are unlikely to offer additional cleaning services beyond the standard methods of cleaning.

Of course, standard cleaning involves the use of soap and water.

This means there may be no need to buy a CPAP sanitizer.