CPAP Cleaner as Seen on TV: What is it? Does it really work?

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

CPAP disinfectors are a rechargeable device for removing bacteria, mold and viruses from sleep apnea devices and their accessories.

There are two main types of disinfectors, these are Ozone and Ultraviolet.

UV CPAP Cleaners

Ultraviolet sterilizers, or UV sterilizer for short, are in demand as an effective means of cleaning CPAP equipment of microorganisms and viruses. Sterilization is performed by irradiating ultraviolet light. The device is based on a light source (more precisely, radiation), which is a special fluorescent lamp or LEDs that emit light in a certain wavelength range.

UV light is divided into three subtypes – A, B and C, long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave, respectively. The shortwave subtype has a disinfectant effect. Radiation in the wavelength range of 100-280 nm is able to destroy the DNA of microorganisms, stopping their reproduction.

Ozone CPAP Cleaners

Ozone disinfectors are designed for automatic cleaning and disinfection with ozone of your CPAP or BPAP machine as well as NVL and ventilator machines. It is used to disinfect masks, breathing circuits and other consumables.

It is disinfected by passing a stream of ozone, also known as activated oxygen, through the system and takes only 30 minutes. Simply connect the breathing circuit of your CPAP or BPAP machine or ventilator and ventilator to the disinfector and turn it on. During this 30-minute interval, the machine kills 99% of pathogens such as mold, bacteria and viruses, fungi that accumulate in the air hose and humidifier.

According to American scientists, ozone can be an effective oxidizing agent against SARS-CoV-2. Ozone can attack the proteins and lipids of the virus’ spikes and envelope, thereby destroying the virus’ integrity and suppressing its infection mechanism. Ozone can support current efforts to combat COVID-19.

It is important to understand that the CPAP disinfector does not eliminate the need to clean the CPAP equipment with water and soap. It is only a supplement for the subsequent disinfection of the already washed surface.


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