Can You Really Access Insurance Coverage for Your CPAP Cleaner?

CPAP cleaners are increasingly becoming a darling of users due to their convenience and effectiveness. The question has, therefore, been posed by many: Are CPAP cleaners also covered by insurance?

The answer is no.

Presently, most insurance providers do not cover CPAP cleaners in their plans. How, then, can you benefit from some form of insurance for your CPAP cleaner? There are two possibilities: You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or otherwise the Health Savings Account (HSA) for purchases associated with CPAP cleaners.

The reality is, most users generally have to operate on a tight budget but still feel they should access a CPAP cleaner checkout. We will strive to answer a few pertinent questions touching on the crucial subject of insurance possibilities for our much-loved CPAP cleaning machines.

Let us talk about a few.

Does Medicare Cover CPAP Cleaners?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for a CPAP cleaner. Regardless, the therapy for sleep apnea is usually covered by Medicare. In the same way, the rental and purchase of CPAP machines is also covered. Medicare will only pay for medical supplies and equipment in case a supplier uses a uniquely identifying Medicare supplier number.

What is HSA?

This simply refers to the health savings account. In this scheme, the funds that get entered into such accounts are rolled over for a year. In 2019, a family may contribute a maximum of $6900.  These days, it is common for health service providers, who are primarily employer-based, to provide such a vehicle for savings. An individual can, nevertheless, sign for a non-employer based health savings account.

What is FSA?

A  FSA means a flexible spending account. It is more or less the same as a health saving accounts. There are just a few differences. For instance, an FSA must be initiated by the employer. Indeed, it is actually a pre-tax contribution taken from employee-deductions. Money secured in this savings account will, typically, last just the current calendar year. It means that any funds that remain unused in the flexible spending account will be lost. Moreover, such an FSA may also be used for co-pays and similar health-related needs.

Does Insurance Really Cater to Sleep Equipment Cleaning Machines?

It is unfortunate. The answer is no. Regardless of the manufacturer, insurers don’t. Hopefully, this might change, but presently, this is the situation.

Does SoClean Enjoy Insurance Cover?

SoClean doesn’t currently enjoy insurance cover. You may, however, use the funds kept in the FSA or HSA to buy a Soclean cpap cleaner. Both FSA and HSA can provide great cost-reducing options. If you want to ensure your cleaning machine enjoys some insurance coverage, these are the best options.

Can the HSA Pay for SoClean?

An HSA is usually intended to help families save money for emergency needs. Therefore, the money saved here goes into the account pre-tax. This means you are exempted from paying income tax on it. You are, similarly, exempted from paying taxes on the interest made on the invested balance.  Your withdrawals are not taxed when you use the money to settle the bill for qualified medical expenses. You can never lose this investment since the unused balance rolls over to the next year. HSA is, therefore, a most beautiful method to make savings on healthcare. Further, if you purchase the SoClean 2 machine using HSA funds, you will not pay the income tax tied on the machine’s purchase price.