No matter how may diets or exercise regimens have failed you in the past, no matter what your current weight is or how long you've gone without taking care of yourself, no matter if you are a teenager just becoming aware of body shape or a woman who has gone through menopause and facing new health challenges, this book will change the way you relate to your body forever. You will start to see yourself and your friends differently, in a more accepting manner. You may even learn to love the body you've been fighting against your whole life. You will discover simple things you can do to become thinner, healthier, stronger, and more in control of your medical destiny. Of course, the actions you take are up to you, but the knowledge alone is power. I'm hoping this book will be your "Aha!" moment.

My life's mission is to empower every woman to take charge of her health. If the woman is my patient, I can sit her down, explain the importance of body shape, warn her of her specific disease risks, and tell her exactly what she needs to do in order to live longer, look better, and feel healthier. For the millions of other women, the ones I can't treat personally, I am putting that same power in your hands with Apples & Pears.